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Ebola Virus Infection! Possible Ways of its Transmission

A real threat to human lives is the Ebola Virus, not only have taken a number of people’s lives, but also spreading very fast with every passing day. Ebola Virus is one of the family members of the RNA virus. Ebola was named after the river in the Republic Congo, Ebola, from where it was discovered. Other types of Ebola virus like The Ebola Zaire, the Ebola Sudan, the Ebola – Ivory Coast, and Ebola Reston, etc all are named with the names of river from they were discovered.  It is from one of the 18 known viruses, which causes the viral hemorrhagic fever syndrome in humans. 

From the very start, when the Ebola Virus was discovered, Scientist and Researchers immediately isolated the infected individuals. The decision of isolation was made just because of searching the best possible cure of Ebola Hemorrhagic fever. 
When it was first time to discover in the cotton factory, everything in the factory, including bat droppings were collected and brought into laboratories for study. The insects and every other living thing were also captured for study. But still they question remains, where is the virus reservoir? 
Based on the origins of the infected mammals, scientist thought that it could have been the resident of the African rainforests.  Here the basic theory was that it was not the human & non-human primates, who are actually the source of infection, but they infected as a result of the transmission from the real reservoir.
Bats, which were also captured from the cotton factory, were also infected by this virus. Here study revealed that human infection is due to transmission of the virus through direct contacts with infected hosts, such as chimpanzee, monkeys, forest antelope, etc.
 According to the experts, this deadly virus, Ebola virus, is fatal in both humans and non-humans primates. The World Health organization reported 70 % to 90 % fatality rate on victims. Here are some possible ways of the transmission of Ebola Virus.
01-Ebola Virus may easily transmit with the direct contact with the blood, organs, secretions, or other bodily fluids of an infected person.
02- Direct Contacts with the dead bodies of infected people may also become one of the ways of Ebola virus transmissions.
03- Handing of infected animals either dead or alive may also transmit the Ebola virus.  Researchers have proved that in Africa, infected monkeys had become the ways Ebola virus transmission.
04- Inadequate precautions while treating infected hosts may also become one solid way of Ebola virus transmission. The World Health Organization has proven that medical workers, who are directly working with infected hosts, may also have a chance to get infected by this virus. 

After seeing such a ways transmission of Ebola Virus, now it is useless to talk that how much care you need to take. Yet there is not any solid way to get rid of Ebola Virus. You need to do something new and special if you really want to save yourself from such a fatal deadly virus. Recently a new device has been developed HuldaClark ParaZapper by ParaZapper, which has a capability to kill millions of protozoa, bacteria, and possibly other microbes such as viruses in just a few minutes by using electrical pulses. We are not claiming that ParaZapper is the best alternative way to get rid of Ebola virus. But, we believe it has a capability to kill millions of parasites, viruses and other microscopic germs in just few minutes.
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