Saturday, 19 April 2014

Ebola Epidemic Fever! The Best Possible Way to get rid of it

Ebola Epidemic Fever is a human disease that is caused by the Ebola virus. Probably it shows its symptoms after a couple of weeks, once you get infected by this virus. At the initial stage, the infected person shows temperature, throat inflammation, muscle pain, and headaches like symptoms, but later it may show nausea, vomiting and diarrhea and kidney & liver problems also. Also at this stage of Ebola Epidemic Fever people start showing bleeding. 

Ebola Epidemic Fever is first acquired by a population when a person comes into contact with the blood or bodily fluids of an infected animal like fruit bat or a monkey. Here it is believed that fruit bats carry Ebola virus and spread it to humans without being affected by it. Once it affects the humans, then it may easily transmit from one person to another through various means even it may transmit through sexual contacts also. Though Ebola Epidemic fever symptoms are almost same like other diseases, such as malaria, cholera, etc but still it is easily diagnosable.  A blood and DNA tests are required to confirm the existence of Ebola virus in human.
Today Ebola Epidemic fever has become the biggest threat and fear of humans especially in Africa. Recent Reports said that the Ebola virus is not only harmful & fatal to Humans, but also to primates. A report is made by researchers and scientist who monitoring the spread of Ebola virus, have confirmed that since from 1995 to till today, almost 6000 Gorillas have been killed by the Ebola virus in the Lossi Sanctuary alone. What remained hidden to scientist and researcher is the natural reservoir of the Ebola virus.
Prevention involves decreasing the spread of Ebola virus from infected hosts to humans, possibly from monkeys and fruit bats. This may be done by only checking these animals for infection and if an infection is found, you need to kill these animals and properly dispose them.

This is one fact that today there is not any proper treatment of Ebola Virus. This disease has a higher rate of death, possibly more than 90 % of the people infected with Ebola Epidemic fever leads to death.  It typically occurs in outbreak and in tropical regions of Sub Saharan Africa. Since from 1976, when it was first identified in Africa until 2014, every year almost 1000 people died due to Ebola virus. Still efforts are putting to develop a vaccine for this deadly fatal disease. 
Recently a new device has developed and approved by scientist and researchers Hulda Clark ParaZapper by ParaZapper that has a capability to kill million of protozoa, bacteria, possibly viruses, and other microscopic germs in just a few minutes by using electrical pulses. I am not claiming that ParaZapper is a health device. I am just only saying that ParaZapper likely has a capability to kill these deadly viruses and is a best possible way to get rid of the Ebola Epidemic fever. 
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